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The Firm of Maier Law, P.A. is experienced in a variety of litigated matters and fact patterns that do not fall easily into one category. Some examples are listed below. However, this is not a complete list of all types of matters that we may handle. If you have a matter that requires legal expertise, please contact us at (561) 318-6589 to discuss the specifics of your matter. There is no charge for the initial consultation and we will be happy to discuss with you our experience as may relate to your needs.

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architect, architecture, engineer, engineering, sub-contractor, subcontractor, sub-sub-contractor, material supplier, attorney, payment and performance bond, public works bond, public works project, public works payment bond, construction lien, lien rights, lien, material man’s lien, design professional, liability, Chapter 713, Florida Statutes, construction defect claims, Chapter 558, Florida Statutes, Chapter 718, Florida Statutes, 718.203, Chapter 489, Florida Statutes, Chapter 481, Florida Statutes, 489.128, Architects Institute of America contract, AIA-101, AIA-201, general conditions, release of lien, partial release of lien, waiver and release of lien, waiver of liability, final waiver and release of lien, final project release, owner’s liability, loss, builder’s rick policy, insurance policy, commercial general liability insurance policy, CGL policy, your work exclusion, consequential losses, consequential damages, material supplier, material escalation clause, economic loss doctrine, economic waste, indemnification, 625.06, 713.23, 713.245, conditional payment bond, pay if paid, pay when paid, risk of loss, risk of non-payment, design/build, lienors, lienor, notice to owner, claim of lien, notice of non-payment, notice of commencement, time is of the essence, delay damages, airport, critical path method, analysis, commencement date, completion date, damages for delay, 713.16, 713.20, warranty claim, implied warranty, habitability, merchantability, goods, uniform commercial code, negligence, tort, breach of contract, breach, AIA.

Medical, injury, injuries, suffered, loss, accident, report, accident report, police report, investigation, fault, ticket, causation, slip and fall, trip and fall, work, injury at work, medication, medications, surgery, surgeries, surgeon, doctor, doctors, hospital, hospitals, nurse, nurses, chiropractor, orthopedic, radiologist, psysiatrist, psysiatry, treatment, neurologist, neurology, cat scan, CAT scan, CT scan, x ray, x-ray, MRI, cardiac, pulmonary, physical therapy, center, blood, IV, diagnosis, prognosis, ambulance, bed, cast, procedure, procedures, fatality, death, wrongful, wrongful death, child, mother, father, parent, loss, damages, medical malpractice, personal injury, temporary, permanent, scar, scarring, cut, contusion, stitches, laceration, spine, cervical, thoracic, lumbar, vertebrae, narrowing, foramina, cavity, brain, leg, legs, pain, radiating, modalities, modality, numb, numbness, arm, arms, left, right, laterally, chest, heart, torso, jaw, hands, hand, feet, foot, healing, nerve, nerves, central nervous system, consequential, direct, special, pain and suffering, permanent, punitive, damages, life care plan, day in the life videos, witness, witnesses, accident scene, vehicle, vehicles, car, cars, bicycle, bike, motorcycle, motorcycles, pedestrian, person, cross walk, intersection, traffic light, stop sign, signal, bumper, collision, crash, seat belt, alcohol, drugs, scene, crime, speeding, speed limit, air bag, rolling, roll over, brake, brake light, brakes, turn signal, center, lane, median, accident reconstructionist, speed, lights, light, evening, morning, afternoon, limp, limb, limbs, soreness, throbbing, blood, broken, fracture, fractured, protrusion, emergency, emergency room, staff, physician, unconscious, pressure, blood pressure, swelling, feeling, police, cop, officer, statement, violation, citation, bulge, herniation, spine, spinal, disc, L1, L2, L3, L4, L5, L6, L5-6, discectomy, laproscopy, laproscopically, ACL, MCL, tear, meniscus, shoulder, knee, joint, finger, ankle, fusion, fuse, waiver and release of medical records, medical records release authorization form.

contract, contracts, insurance, insurance policy, negligence, tort, intentional, neglect, fault, liability, exposure, lawsuit, plaintiff, defendant, defend, sue, suit, lawsuit, lawyer, business, verbal, written, clause, insurance agent, person, partner, agent, owner, principal, president, joint venture, venture, commercial, CGL, commercial general liability, property, damage, premises, risk, loss of business, capital, builder’s risk, indemnification, indemnitee, indemnitor, invitee, business invitee, trespass, licensee, licensor, errors and omissions, E&O, E and O, wrongdoing, wrongdoer, tortfeasor, willful, wrongful, reckless, disregard, wanton, laible, sued, suing, serving, served, claim, claimed, claimant, complaint, answer, pleading, plead, motion, court, judge, hearing, trial, jury, juror, jurors, claims, damages, damage claims, criminal, crime, police, cop, law officer, report, deposition, witness, expert, fact, documents, agency, broker, employee, employ, employment, relationship, boss, supervisor, advocate, job, verbal, contract, employment agreement, supply, agreement, invoice, bill, fee, interest, real estate, neighbor, boundary, dispute, HOA, condominium, association, owner, homeowner, land lord, tenant, lessor, lessee, rent, lease, rental agreement, memorandum of lease, leasehold, clause, breach, non-payment, claim, quantum meruit, contract in law, contract in fact, statement of account, account stated, specific performance, injunction, injunctive relief, cease and desist, order, money, monetary, damages, court, judge, fifteenth judicial circuit, county, palm beach county, state, circuit, civil.

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